Maple Grove, MN your health insurance does not value the preventative qualities that chiropractic care can offer. Health plans have it written in the fine print that they will accept claims from a chiropractor when you are in pain or have symptoms and will deny visits for wellness care. This gives everyone the false belief that chiropractors are only for pain relief. Your health insurance company is staying silent about the wellness opportunity chiropractic care offers.

This is a huge lost opportunity for them! But do not let it be a lost opportunity for you to lead a wellness lifestyle. Having a well-rounded and skilled chiropractor who wants to walk side by side with you on your wellness journey is very affordable. Many people enjoy the benefits of wellness care to improve stress, sleep, mental focus, digestion, mobility and prevent issues like spinal degeneration.

If pain or symptoms like headaches, back pain, sciatica is keeping you from leading a wellness lifestyle and you are looking for pain relief in Maple Grove, MN we can help. We are in-network with all major private health insurance companies. Please explore the payment options page or find us on your private health plan provider directory. My office will do a complimentary analysis of covered services and benefits and encourage individuals to utilize their insurance plans to their fullest extent.

We are your premier chiropractic care clinic in Maple Grove, MN. Providing care that aligns with your goals.