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Hello Readers!

As many of you know I have taken on the responsibility of every aspect of the practice to guide it through the shutdown, the restrictions, and the mandates. This included taking on all the roles required to operate a small business. This was done with the intention to ensure the survival of the practice and have the doors open to serve the community for many years and decades to come.

There was always a vision to hire employees when the doors opened. People who could assist in the growth of Northwood Chiropractic & Wellness and have a mindset of serving others. My dream and intent with Northwood Chiropractic & Wellness is to be able to grow a practice that serves as many people as the practice location can physically handle without reducing the quality of care and without sacrificing the sacred doctor-patient relationship.

This has been very stressful year for many, including myself, and with daily prayer I am excited to push forward to the end of 2020 giving all glory and honor to Jesus Christ, Our Savior. Thank you to those who have been patient in the struggles with our growth.

I am excited to collect and screen applicants for my first hire for an Office Coordinator. Whomever is selected will be the face and personality of Northwood Chiropractic & Wellness and without a doubt will be excited to serve you.

Final Note: The Fall season signifies a time of change. The brilliant Fall colors of Minnesota are about to hit their peak. Take a moment and appreciate the presence of where you are at in the history of time and reflect on those who you hold close in your heart.

Change is good, it means you’re growing

Dr. Greg Beenken, DC

October 2020

Travis J.

Dr. Greg is super humble what he does. He is a excellent professional to meet if your looking to improve overall health and wellness. Super effective and quick treatments that boost your ability to thrive.

Tara W.

Dr. Greg is caring, knowledgeable and professional. He truly wants the best for all his patients! Not only is his personality very welcoming, but his facility is very modern and welcoming as well. Highly recommend!!

Marshal P.

Dr. Greg is fantastic he has such a great knowledge of the body and is willing to listen to all of your issues and really find the root cause of your problem. He is very personable and made me feel welcomed and comfortable throughout our entire visit! I highly recommend Dr. Greg for any aches or pains you're having!

Madison V.

Dr. Greg is an awesome chiropractor. Unlike most, he takes the time to listen to his patients. My life has changed under Dr. Greg’s care. He’s helped me with my neck pain and headaches as well as my ADHD. He even helped me get off my medication. Thank you Dr. Greg! You really do go to the extra mile for your patients and it shows!

Kristin L.

Dr. Greg is amazing!! Great adjustments and always leave his office feeling 110%!

Julie B.

Dr. Beenken is knowledgeable, personable, and professional. His ability to identify and give care is excellent. Knowing he has years of experience working with high school and college athletes gave me confidence for his medical assessment and treatment plan for my son's care.

Jenna K.

From day one, Dr. Greg has listened to me and my concerns. He is extremely knowledgeable and really breaks down his explanations of what's going on with my body. I know I am in good hands when I seek care at Northwood Chiropractic Clinic!

Jake M.

Dr. Greg at Northwood Chiropractic is awesome! I knew right away I was in great hands, he has the unique ability to explain his diagnoses, what the proposed treatment is and why it will be of benefit. The execution in his services was equally as impressive! Highly Recommend!


I really enjoyed my exam and treatment with Dr. Greg. He listened to my concerns and came up with best course of treatment for me. He was very professional and took the time to explain everything as he went. I definitely recommend!

Derek G.

Beautiful and inviting facility! Dr. Greg is knowledgeable, kind and goes above and beyond to connect with his patients. I’ve truly had an amazing experience at Northwood Chiro & Wellness. Thank you, Dr. Greg!

Brooke P.

Dr. Greg is a wonderful listener and really takes the time to get to know you and your case. He is respectful and thorough with his exams and evaluations and provides great care!! Can’t wait for my next adjustment.

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